Can I use Un4gettable with my mobile device?

Yes! to use un4gettable with other calendars that are synced with Google, For example the iphone, android, outlook, or other calendars, you need to follow a set of procedures slightly different from the usual one.

To keep our system informed of your reminders, you must add a special invitee address to your event with the following email structure:

For example, let’s say I’m using my mobile device and I would like to remind my client about his guitar lesson.

This is the client phone number: +1(215)555-1234.

In order for to send a text reminder to this client, you must add the following invitee address to the event:

As a side note, your desktop and mobile device will be synced and you'll be able to edit the reminders on either platform.

We want to make your life easy here at Un4gettable, so we’ve developed a tool that makes this procedure seamless.

You can automatically add Un4gettable emails to all of your contacts from the “Settings Tab”. just click the "Un4gettify Contacts" button under the mobile menu.

In our example, your client contact card would have an additional email address added to it.

When creating the event, you simply choose this Un4gettable email address in order to invite him.

This creative solution lets you use the Un4gettable service with your favorite calendar that you already know and love.

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