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Troubleshooting :


Un4gettable won't load when in chrome settings.


Under content setting > Unsandboxed plugin access > is wrong.It should be "Ask when a site wants to use a plugin to access your computer(recommended)."




Step on how to Troubleshoot:

  • On your computer, open chrome

  • At the top right, click More ⁞ >   Settings.

  • Click on the left side of the setting page ≡

  • Then click on Advance >Choose Privacy and Security

  • Then click site settings >Choose Unsandboxed plugin

  • Enable "Ask when a site wants to use a plugin to access your computer(recommended)."
















Add Answer here

Well you have 2 options:

  • to sync your other calendar sofware with your Google account, than setup your account just once on Google Calendar web version, and then use your own  calendar software by adding a invitees to the event. see the question about: "can I use un4gettable with my mobile device"

  • Use our partners-

Un4gettable is adding this invitee for two reasons:

  • So you can remove the reminder using your mobile phone calendar app (or other Google calendar client such as Outlook)

  • Relying on this method you can also add reminders via your mobile device calender app (or other Google calendar client such as Outlook)


All you need to do is to add the "$rsvp_url$" place holder to your reminder formula. This will add a short link to the text message reminder. When the invitee will click the link he will be directed to an approval page.

After confirming arrival you will be able to see this in Un4gettable interface and as a  ✔ sign, in the invitee field in the relevant calendar event.

Un4gettable supports Unicode text messages, although Unicode SMS reminders must be shorter than 70 characters, longer messages will be trimmed.

Yes! The only thing you should know is that reminders for an all day event will be sent at 12:00 pm (noon) the day before the event.

Click on the "Add Un4gettable to Google Calendar" button at the top of this page.

Don't worry all your old setting will reappear.

Just click on the "x" sign in the top corner of the Un4gettable Calendar extension and Un4gettable will be removed from your Google Calendar. If for any reason you want to cancel the permissions you gave to Un4gettable, Please go to your Google account permissions dashboard at:  and revoke access.

Un4gettable is multilingual so you can send the reminders in your language.Add Answer here

Yes you can, please send your request to

The reminder formula is a ready-made template on which the reminder text will be built upon. Un4gettable will generate the SMS Text according to this formula, using the variables between the dollar signs as place holders. For example if you create an event at 1/1/2016 10pm, at 12 king george st' NYC and your SMS formula is: "Hi, just reminding you we meet at $DateTime$ $Location$" The SMS Text will be: Hi, just reminding you we meet at 1/1/2016 10pm 12 king george st' NYC.

NO! it can only send SMS, Text message reminders to the owner of the event, and not to the guests or invitees of the event. The reminders you see in Google's calendar will be sent only to you.

Yes, of course you can.  To do so, you'll first need to add the reminder to the event and only then add the recurrence pattern.

Yes! Un4gettable is synced with Google contacts. You can sync your phone with Google Contacts.  
Sync contacts with your Apple device guide

Sync Android contacts with Gmail guide

Yes you can :-) Un4gettable now has multi calendar support.

Yes! to use un4gettable with other calendars that are synced with Google, For example the iphone, android, outlook, or other calendars, you need to follow a set of procedures slightly different from the usual one.

To keep our system informed of your reminders, you must add a special invitee address to your event with the following email structure:

For example, let’s say I’m using my mobile device and I would like to remind my client about his guitar lesson.

This is the client phone number: +1(215)555-1234.

In order for to send a text reminder to this client, you must add the following invitee address to the event:

As a side note, your desktop and mobile device will be synced and you'll be able to edit the reminders on either platform.

We want to make your life easy here at Un4gettable, so we’ve developed a tool that makes this procedure seamless.

You can automatically add Un4gettable emails to all of your contacts from the “Settings Tab”. just click the "Un4gettify Contacts" button under the mobile menu.

In our example, your client contact card would have an additional email address added to it.

When creating the event, you simply choose this Un4gettable email address in order to invite him.

This creative solution lets you use the Un4gettable service with your favorite calendar that you already know and love.

Yes you can, add the description field at the end of your SMS formula, that way in each event reminder you can add custom text to your message by adding it to the description field of the specific event. It is OK to leave this field empty.

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