Getting Started Guide

Add Un4gettable to Google Calendar.

Click the "Add Un4gettable to Google Calendar" button. You will be asked to give Un4gettable permissions to access your Google Calendar & Contacts info. Click the accept button so Un4gettable will work properly. (We need to access Calendar data in order to Schedule the SMS reminders and the Contacts data in order to suggest phone numbers for SMS delivery). You will be redirected to Google Calendar & asked to add Un4gettable to your Calendar, Please approve.


Customize the reminder formula & time 

Click on the settings tab. Make sure that the default prefix is set to your country international prefix. You can set the time interval between the event and the SMS delivery time to suit your needs. Now it's time to edit the SMS formula.

The text in the reminders will be generated according to this formula placing the event properties in the matched place holders. You can drug & drop...


Send a reminder

Create an event in your calendar, set the time of the event to be the time interval + few minutes from now. In the reminders tab in Un4gettable insert your phone number and hit enter. You will be able to see when the SMS is scheduled to be sent.


Try before you buy- 10 free reminders